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Who are our developers?

Cloud computing brings to businesses to irresistible benefits of scalability, flexibility, omni-device connectivity and also affordability. We believe that businesses of the future should have their IT infrastructure grounded on the cloud. If you are aspiring to be one among those businesses, you need the assistance of a cloud expert, somebody like us.

For close to a decade, since the inception of the cloud as a mainstream technology, we have been dabbling in SaaS development. From web applications that make business operations convenient to mobile applications that facilitate operational flexibility, our SaaS development expertise will serve you in myriad forms

Who are our developers?

How It Works?

Working with a remote professional can be challenging. Especially for a complicated project that has too many components and stakeholders involved. To simplify it we have worked out a process that makes working with our developers easier.

Screening & Selection

Screening & Selection

We will shortlist developers who will match your technical requirements. You can carry out a complete screening of their resumes and qualifications to make the final choice.

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A dedicated project manager will be assigned for each developer who will ensure that the timeline and deliverables are adhered to.

Deliverables & Timeline management

The selected developer will be available for your project exclusively throughout its timeline. The timeline, milestones and deliverables can be mutually agreed upon and documented

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Escalation matrix

Although next to impossible, in case of any escalations, we will prove an escalation matrix containing details of officers whom you can reach out for support or grievance redressal.

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