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Ecommerce Clone

What is eCommerce clone / Amazon clone?

Do you have a dream of building an online store where you can sell your own products? Or what if you want to be the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace where other vendors can also sell their wares?

Our eCommerce clone script is devised to help you build and launch an online store on your own. The script will help you get the store launch-ready in quick time compared to custom development which takes months to develop. Still curious? Talk to our experts to know more.

What is eCommerce clone / Amazon clone?

Features Of eCommerce Clone Script / Amazon Clone Script

Multiple Product Types

Enrich your online store with simple, virtual, downloadable and configurable product types.

Deals Corner

Attract customers into buying more with a dedicated deals corners where latest and upcoming deals are highlighted.

Mobile Responsive Theme

The script is built to be mobile responsive making your marketplace accessible on web and mobile alike.

Product Videos

Make online selling more persuasive with product videos that can showcase products from all corners.

Ratings & Reviews

Display social proof and acceptance for your products with star ratings and reviews alongside your products.

Product Sold Count

Distinguish bestsellers from the ordinary products with product sold count that show how many SKUs have been sold since day one.

Flexible Commission

Admin can create multiple commission rates for each vendor listed in their marketplace.

100% Customizable

Customize every aspect of the script to make it truly personalized and attuned to your business needs.

View Demo

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!

What Make Our eCommerce Clone Special / Amazon Clone?

What Make Our eCommerce Clone Special / Amazon Clone?

Built for all

The app can be used by all kinds of business ranging from individual store owners to multi-vendor businesses.

White label solution

The online store can be customized with specific brand presets like color, logo, themes, etc..

100% Customizable

Customize every pixel of the website and the app to make it work the you want it to work.

Business Models

Our eCommerce clone script is built to be market-ready for all business models

  • Listing fee Charge users a nominal listing or insertion fee to host their products or business classifieds on your website.
  • Sales commissions Charge a percentage as commission for every successful sale made through the website.
  • Advertising Earn a side income by publishing banner ads across your website to sell affiliate marketing products.
Business Models