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What is Uber clone?

The best Uber clone in town

Build your own Uber like on-demand taxi-hailing app with our Uber clone script

Uber has kicked off a new trend of on-demand taxi hailing. It has opened up a new way of convenience for users and cab owners.

Our Uber clone script is a readymade software that anybody can put to use to build a Uber like mobile app of their own. The script resembles all the features that you might have seen in Uber and similar taxi-hailing apps.

what is uber clone

Features Of Uber Clone Script

SSO Login

Enable users to log in quickly with their social media credentials or email id. Spare them from the trouble of forgetting usernames ..

User Profile

Allow users to create their own personal profiles complete with personal details, contact details, favorite addresses, etc.

Request Ride Types

Customers can pick their preferred type of car or ride type like hourly based or outstation trips from the booking page.

In-App Calling

Users can call drivers and drivers can call customers right from the app. Drivers can route their call through masked numbers.

Live Location Tracking

Users can track the real-time location of their ride. Drivers can use real-time GPS to guide them towards the passenger location.

Native Mobile Apps

The uber clone app can be used to build native mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows Operating System

Dynamic Pricing

Admin can set dynamic pricing for peak hours, late nights, office hours, populated areas and so on.

Emergency Support

Users can call for emergency support through a dedicated SOS button that floats throughout the ride map.

View Demo

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!

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What Make Our Uber Clone Special?

Superior features

Don’t be misled by the name Uber clone. Our taxi hailing app software has more features than the original Uber that you can make use.

Multiple income modes

Turn your taxi hailing app into a revenue generating machine. Generate income through various modes including commission, ride sharing, etc.

100% Customizable

Customize the app anyway you want. Play with the theme colors, place your own logo, set customized invoices, etc. to give your app a personal touch of your own

Why Androidioszone?

As everyone knows Uber clone taxi mobile applications are one of the most sorted applications to be in the mobile market with customers and competitors around the world. So here is what that makes Androidioszone uber clone application EaxyGo which is one of the highly rated and recommended uber clone application in the current market.

We at GoAppX calculate our product success based on our client feedback and recommendations, which always helps us to constantly update our product based on the inputs from our client. Our clients are serious business people who believe in staying on top of the market. So we take our client feedback very serious during any new upgrade or update on the product which makes us cover all the major realtime requirements of this business module.

EazyGo is a renowned delivery application module available on both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore with the highest user satisfaction. EazyGo comes with a powerful Admin panel, website, dashboard panel for the company, User application, Carrier application where all the applications are very well compatible with Android, Apple, Windows and Mac devices. Also, cross-browser approved with 100% responsive from all the sizes of screens.

In terms of features and technology, EazyGo uses one of the most advanced and secure coding structures in order to make it reliable application across all the platforms.

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Premium Auxiliary Features

Multiple Sub-admin

Androidioszone comes with a premium customization feature of adding multiple sub-admins to the admin panel to manage the system by assigning multiple roles and responsibilities.



Geofencing allows taxi providers to limit their services based on the map view, upgrading the geofencing options allows admin to draw a polygon on the google map to mark the location of the service. Which is also helps in various external options like going for the franchise, setting pricing based on urban & rural areas. These features make the geofencing one of the ultimate module in an Uber Clone application.

Multiple Pickup & Drop location

EazyGo offers the first-ever multiple picks and drops location feature on a single booking making it easier for the Users to join their friends on a ride.

Premium Auxiliary Features
VoIP Calling

VoIP Calling

Voice over calling options allows both users and drivers to connect with each other without revealing their personal contact numbers.

Ride Bidding Concept

This concept allows users to book or choose their ride drivers based on the bidding, Where both users and drivers can bid on the ride fare to come into the deal.

Cryptocurrency Wallet option

GoAppX’s being one of the leading crypto development company we offer the option of integrating the cryptocurrency wallet in Uber taxi application for both our User and Driver application in order to use it for their daily taxi rides.

Smart Admin Feature

  • Informative dashboard widgets
  • Attractive Chart module reports
  • View/Manage Users
  • View/Manage Driver
  • Manage Services Types Add/Remove
  • Manage Fleet Owners Add/Remove
  • Manage Vehicles Add/Remove/Update
  • God’s eye view
  • HeatMap View
  • Scheduled Booking Management
  • View/Manage Payments
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View Earning Reports
  • Managing Promo/Referral Codes
  • Canceled Trip/Orders Report
  • A detailed report of ride time lapse
  • Manage Geo Fence Location
  • Set Location-wise Fare
  • Manage Multiple Language
  • Manage Currency rates
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Manual Booking Of Taxi through dispatcher panel
  • Manage Email & SMS for both Users & Drivers
  • Manage Documents required From Users and Drivers
  • Manage Surge charges
  • Export reports into PDF/excel format
Smart Admin Feature
Smart Admin Feature

Launch Your Application

Observe our demo and scrutinize

You could experience our Uber Clone EazyGothrough downloading from Appstore and Playstore, Install to send and receive items in realtime to analyze the application behavior before purchasing on your own.

Seek Advice From Our Experts

After experiencing the application come with your inquiries on the application behavior in regards to your location, our team of technical experts will help you choose the best possible module of Uber clone application.

Minimal Project Dependencies

Once all your inquiries answered and after choosing the best Uber clone module for your business market. Since its white-labeled software module get your own Google, Apple, Server, Logo, and other third-party support packages in order to launch the application in your own brand name. For getting all the basic credentials our technical experts will be assisting you in each phase.

Launch Your Application

When it comes to User-friendly and customer-oriented product development, We Androidioszone are the epitome of satisfying our client needs. androidioszone  comes with an Admin panel dashboard which is an impeccable module of informative design and data since the admin panel of the taxi system is going to be the control panel of the whole system, we made sure it has to be highly informative as well as easy to understand for any non-technical person too.
As we know Androidioszone is developed with a highly flexible and secured PHP Laravel framework which is one of the most sorted out coding scripts around the world. EazyGo’s admin dashboard is one of the most versatile designs which is made compatible with any device or screen. From Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac also extremely responsive to cross browsers.

Business Models

Our Uber clone script is built to be market-ready for all business models

  • Listing feeTaxi-hailing apps can collect car listing fee from interested driver. This fee can be collected as an one-time payment or on a subscription basis that recurs periodically.
  • Trip commissionsFor every successful ride, the driver gets the fare from the passenger. A percentage of the same is collected by the taxi-hailing company/app as trip commission for facilitating the on-demand ride.
  • Trip cancellation feesPassengers who can cancel their rides must pay for trip cancellation fees. The cancellation fees goes to the taxi hailing company. It is deducted from the user’s wallet or charged in the next ride’s bill.