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Uber For Freight

What is Uber for Freight?

There is always been a great need for transporting large equipment and shifting homes, where people usually end up messing the delivery or paying excess of the money. Particularly for transporting lot of things and large equipment we need good freight services with quality shifting also with good time management. That’s where we combine both on-demand Taxi booking and Delivery Application to come up with an advanced Freight booking application called Uber For Freight.

Our pre-built on demand Freight service application will help you reach the market quickly with a customized web portal and mobile app. You can plan your business model as well as revenue sources to match the need of your business.

What is Uber for Freight?

Features of our Uber for Freight Application

Multiple pick up & delivery

User can set multiple pick up and delivery locations on a single request also having a live tracking of all the individual pickups and deliveries based on the location.

Requests and handlings

Interface to allow the delivery persons to get the request details, ETA of each request and organise the deliveries based on their current location and delivery locations.

Integrated payments

Enabling our clients to have multiple payments gateways integrated based on the business location or region which suits the client preference whether its going to be Online transfer, cash on delivery or payment through apps.

Source code

We handover the complete application source code without any encryption to the original script. Also giving full license to make any further customizations based on their requirement on their own.

Voucher system

Include vouchers, promo codes, offer codes and coupons that will allow your users to redeem a discount or offer when they are transacting through the delivery app.

Coupons & Promos

Option to create and offer coupons, promos or vouchers for the both users and delivery persons to redeem a benefit or discount or cashback to their delivery requests.

Built-in reporting

Versatile reporting and data observation to have all the key metrics of the orders of all status from waiting, ongoing , cancelled and completed.

Multi-language support

Option to have multiple languages integrated on the all the platforms to make the application more regional and available for people around the globe.

View Demo

We provide free demo for our customers to understand the business models and operations more elaborative. Please Contact us for the free live demo!


What Make Our Uber for Freight best?

What Make Our Uber for Freight best?

What Make Our Uber for Freight best?

Superior features

Our on-demand truck booking services clone application is capable of way more than one can imagine when it comes to loaded features and available customizing options

Multiple income modes

Making your on-demand services into a revenue model. Our Uber for freight application is 100% a successful business module to create a revenue through various modes including commissions, subscriptions.

100% Customizable

Our Uber truck application is a customizable app anyway you want. Play with the theme colors, place your own logo, set customized invoices, etc. to give your app a personal touch of your own.

Available additional Upgrades

Multiple Pickup and Delivery


We offer an edge of technology feature geo fencing using the google map services which is an epitome of using the map features. Geofencing enables companies to limit their services based on the map view, upgrading the geofencing options allows admin to draw a polygon on the google map to mark the location of the service. Which is also helps in various external options like going for the franchise, setting pricing based on urban & rural areas. These features make the geofencing one of the ultimate module in an on-demand services mobile application.

Multiple Pickup and Delivery

EasyPicker has the ultimate option of multiple pickup and delivery of items on a single booking. This allows our Postmates Clone application to serve the option of picking up items from different locations and delivering them at the same or different location on a single booking accurately without any hassle. EasyPicker is one of the very few on-demand delivery mobile application to provide this feature.

Available additional Upgrades
VoIP Calling

VoIP Calling

Easypicker is one of the very few Postmates Clone applications that allows upgrading for VoIP calling facility which allows the application users to make and receive calls without showing their mobile numbers to the stranger. Useful most of the gulf countries to have their identity protected by revealing his or her personal contact numbers publicly.

Open Module For Delivery Person

Open Module For Delivery Person

EasyPicker services are not restricted to a particular set of delivery persons or one with the professional courier vehicle. Our Postmates Clone allows adding different service providers from a walker to an Airlift carrier. This makes EasyPicker always ready to serve people with the maximum number of carriers available in any situation.

Endocentric Web Admin Panel

When it comes to User-friendly and customer-oriented product development, We Androidioszone are the epitome of satisfying our client needs. Uber for freight comes with an Admin panel dashboard which is an impeccable module of informative design and data since the admin panel of the application is going to be the control panel of the whole system, we made sure it has to be highly informative as well as easy to understand for any non-technical person too.

Our Uber for freight is developed with a highly flexible and secured PHP Laravel framework which is one of the most sorted out coding scripts around the world and the admin dashboard is one of the most versatile designs which is made compatible with any device or screen. From Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac also extremely responsive to cross browsers.

Endocentric Web Admin Panel

Quick Launch Project System

Observe our demo and scrutinize

You could experience our Uber for freight through downloading from Appstore and Play store, install to send and receive items in Realtime to analyse the application behaviour before purchasing on your own.

Seek Advice from Our Experts

After experiencing the application come with your inquiries on the application behaviour in regards to your location, our team of technical experts will help you choose the best possible module of truck booking application.

Minimal Project Dependencies

Once all your inquiries answered and after choosing the best Uber clone module for your business market. Since its white-labelled software module get your own Google, Apple, Server, Logo, and other third-party support packages in order to launch the application in your own brand name. For getting all the basic credentials our technical experts will be assisting you in each phase.

Business Models

Our Uber for Freight is built to be market-ready for all business models

  • Daily Requests On demand transport services are the basic service requirements that customers look forward on their day to day activities.
  • Revenue Our application provides the optimum way to make revenue out these on demand truck booking through commissions, subscriptions modules.
  • Delivery Tracking Admin can track all the activities including delivery take-ups and completions to have a record of service details.